Our holistic memory care program offers the ability to map each person’s Journey differently while maintaining a relationship of respect towards each individual in our care and utilizing the most innovative practical applications of dementia theory in use today. Being part of an individual’s dementia Journey is an opportunity for us to find the courage to connect, maintain the human right to dignity, and experience joy in the moment while preserving an atmosphere of protection and worth


Every person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder deserves the following:

  • The right to be informed of one’s diagnosis
  • The right to have appropriate, ongoing medical care
  • The right to be treated as an adult, listened to, and afforded respect for one’s feelings and point of view
  • The right to be with individuals who know one’s life story, including cultural and spiritual traditions
  • The right to experience meaningful engagement throughout the day
  • The right to live in a safe and stimulating environment
  • The right to be outdoors on a regular basis
  • The right to be free from psychotropic medications, whenever possible
  • The right to have welcomed physical contact, including hugging, caressing, and hand-holding
  • The right to be an advocate for oneself and for others
  • The right to be part of a local, global, or online community
  • The right to have care partners well trained in dementia care

The Best Friends™ Bill of Rights
© Virginia Bell & David Troxel and Health Professions Press 2013

Our residents’ environment plays a vital role in their ability to maintain their independence for as long as possible. We can use thoughtful design to create an atmosphere that promotes wellness and helps our residents feel respected and cared for. Take a walk through our community to notice specific design details. Communal living areas are decorated with durable fabrics and soothing colors but look and feel very similar to what our residents would have been used to at home with artwork, comfortable couches, televisions, and cozy chairs to relax in.

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